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Dec 2, 2013 8:30am PST
the wise job difficult. when the major difference is that tiny delivered there used to cut energy to try to live remember how to use their cars and a packet. it often means of delivery man the driver on the most corrupt city. most of ours in each of the job involves driving recklessly parking illegally in getting into acting. it all comes to the extent of the dry for the delivery company does or in person at all. this can also be a problem for the personal well being. we don't get benefits like health care. and for this post and the vehicle. all the packages and the vehicle can be delayed. they don't give money back for most of any one trade the pick of the job. the social welfare for employees cannot be guaranteed to put in china according to labor daily over half of china's did not have basic employment sure and put him down and magical and unemployment chart paper by their place. will the health fund is not covered by french company. he expressed industry. like market. some companies have regulations forcing the painted post walter fun and for employees when the postman. i went to bra
Dec 3, 2013 8:30am PST
costs. so i can get to meet energy enterprises suffer huge losses in producing them the company to require subsidies the government to maintain their operation. for the chinese government is going to document it barely can undertake the financial burden. conked on the rise in prices for the staff or resources became a unique solution. the term rise in price. rebekah with the word for thai people. any tiny changes would affect people's daily lives. the group or family. and the antennae price reforms of natural resources become a dilemma in china. during the prayer team earlier this month. chinese media reported the chinese government to pay more attention to reforming the current pricing for commodities in utility. these include water which is the natural gas and fuel the chinese people are worried the so called right to perform to his largely increased the price especially concerned. dear marc monopoly on the skills but his own enterprise. after it upright like a different reason. but it'll come to get on the increase of natural resource prices mainly due to limited for kappa ho
Dec 4, 2013 8:30am PST
to the high cost would do that. in china most energy and resources. western northern part of china the property market with the eastern part of china the cut and docile distribution. the type of large men of long distance transportation. the downtown district of them cannot be the market demanded all to park my bike transportation is that they could not have time to market. only about twenty large logistics transportation company really count but two percent of market share in the field manufactured in china the logistic systems which are typically owned companies use its data showed that the party was to take one lead over twenty five percent on the market. japan america reports indicated seventy percent. the market lacking competition would not be approved. also the height and cuban trade has been a major proper height. for some first tier cities like shanghai situation. well according to data by china's ministry of commerce to doubt the left hand delivery trucks and high thirty seven percent. three kinds of europe and america the high and low trade resulting gridlock. it does le
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3